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About Us


2014-Present Officers


Sister Issatu Bangura-Santuraki, Executive Director

Brother Faisal Del, Deputy Director

Sister Leah Atwa, Secretary

Brother Mohamud Jama, Treasurer

Brother Ahmed Elmi, Event Planner Coordinator


2013-2014 Officers


Brother Suleiman Santuraki, Executive Director

Sister Ayishatu Abdulai, Deputy Director

Sister Phallen Meas, Secretary

Brother Mohamud Jama, Treasurer

Brother Faisal Del, Event Planner Coordinator


Our Mission


Personal growth among children, men, women understanding Islam Principles, service offers, involve social activities, Internship opportunities, workshops, classes and events


Our Vision


  • Serves to deaf/hearing children and people

  • To offer local sign language interpreters to every Islamic events include mosques, conferences and workshops

  • Provide hearing and deaf/hard of hearing children and adults to take sign language classes to learn and traning to become interpreters of service for deaf people

  • To give options of searching volunteer jobs and internships opportunities

  • To take part in social event events and trips

  • To provide Zakat, Iftars, target projects and programs


Our Accomplishments:



  • 1st Anniversary MDM Potluck Dinner
  • 1st MDM Car Wash Fundraiser June 8 and June 15, which we raised over $900 (Applaud & Recongize MDM Board, Hidayah's family, one-time Hauwa Santuraki, Benet, Suleiman, Abduselam, Amado and Abdel for volunteering car wash of their dedication, energy and passion. 
  • MDM board gave zakat $210 to a sister for medical needs attention
  • Set up MD website and FB
  • Provided 2 MDM Iftar dinners


  • MDM Secretary-Elect Sister Leah Atwa
  • MDM became Incorporated Nonprofit Organization on January 20, 2015
  • 1st MDM Bowling Social Event
  • 1st MDM Silent Dinner
  • 1st MDM hosts Deaf Youth Islamic Studies Class