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Saturday, January 24 2015










MDM Social Bowling Event 2015

MDM wants to extend gratitudes those who came to this event and it is over 28 in attendence.












MDM 2nd Annual Picnic Event

About over 30 Muslim and Nonmuslims attended to MDM 2nd Annual Picnic at Gravelly Point Park off Northbound George washington Parkway, a lot of fun under Sun and had provided delicious food like different kind of Pizza, Homemade Lemonade Drink, Watermelon and more. Here is some photos from MDM 2nd Annual Picnic, June 7, 2014 and more photo and videos will upload later. The picnic event will happen again later to be announced. Thank you those who attended to the recent MDM 2nd Picnic event. JakazAllah Khair — at Gravelly Point Park.


Sunday, June 8 2014








Salaams Brothers and Sisters,

Metropolitan Deaf Muslim (MDM) wants to extend gratitude to volunteers: Mohamud, Benet, Kedir, Issatu, Hauwa and Hidayah's family to credit their times to help volunteering with car wash, selling lemonade drink, Ice Cream/Chips, and generous donors. This Car Wash fundraiser is a success last June 8 and 15 we had raised $953, Mashallah. Some photo and brief video clips from Last June 8, 2014. More photos and video will upload later. Come and support Us!!! JakazAllah Khair




Car Wash Volunteer

Issatu Bangura-Santuraki, Executive Director

Kedir Yimemu, Deputy Director

Hauwa Santuraki, One time Car Wash

Mohamud Jama, Treasurer

Benet Berhane, Volunteer

Hidayah's entire family

Suleiman Santuraki, MDM Member One time Car Wash

Abduselam Jehar, MDM Member

Abdel Kader Khadri, One time Car Wash

Amado Jah, MDM Member one time Car Wash

Faisal Del, MDM Board


Thank you all for your support!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014